Man Darkness Truth

Non-Player Character


Author: Дмитрий Кычиков


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Strength 14 70%
Constitution 14 70%
Size 13 65%
Dexterity 19 95%
Intelligence 13 65%
Power 14 70%
Charisma 12 60%
Rune Points (Daka Fal) 5
Damage Bonus +1D4
DEX Strike Rank 0
Hit Points 15
Healing Rate 3
Magic Points 14
Spirit Damage 1D6+1
SIZ Strike Rank 2
Dodge (20) 62%
Праща (0) 89%
Ручной арбалет (0) 94%
Серп (левый) (0) 72%
Серп (правый) (0) 92%
Darkness Darkness 75%
Earth Earth 65%
Water Water 30%
Disorder Disorder 75%
Man Man 85%
Movement Movement 70%
Truth Truth 75%
Rune Spells
Resurrect Harmony Man Fate 3
Spirit Guardian Man 1
Spirit Melding Man 2
Ground 8
Passions & Reputation
Devotion (Daka Fall) 60%
Devotion (Судьба) 90%
Hate (Общество) 70%
Reputation 5%
Spirit Magic
Disruption 1
Heal 6
Silence 1

Gameplay [Main]
Melee Attacks
Attack Skill Damage SR HP
Серп (левый) 72% 1d6+1+1D4 5
Серп (правый) 92% 1d6+1+1D4 5
Ranged Attacks
Attack Skill Damage SR Range Special
Праща 89% 1d10 0 0m
Ручной арбалет 94% 2d4+2 0 0m 1/2R

  • Resurrect: This ritual spell allows an adventurer to be restored to life. First, the body must be healed to at least 3 hit points. If the body is dead from disease, the disease must be eliminated or the Resurrect is futile. This spell summons the deceased spirit to approach its former body. The caster of the spell or their allied spirit must engage in spirit combat with the deceased. If the caster succeeds in causing the deceased to lose magic points, the spirit is forced back into the body and returns to full life. If the caster fails by ending the spirit combat early or being defeated, the soul returns to the Courts of Silence. Each day after the first that the dead adventurer stays dead permanently reduces their STR, CON and DEX characteristics by 1D3 points each. When any characteristic is reduced to 0 or less, that adventurer is irrevocably lost. Thus, death from characteristic loss means that the adventurer is not resurrectable. Finally, anyone dead longer than 7 days is unable to be resurrected with this spell, regardless of their characteristic points. They can only be brought back through a successful heroquest.
  • Spirit Guardian: This spell must be cast upon a friendly ancestral spirit. It sets up a mental connection, identical to that with an allied spirit (see page 277), between the spirit and the target. Each additional Rune point added to this spell adds a day’s duration to the connection. The recipient may only have one such Spirit Guardian at any given time.
  • Spirit Melding: This spell must be cast upon a friendly ancestral spirit enveloping the caster. For the spell’s duration, the spirit’s POW is added to the caster’s for purposes of resisting spirit combat and spells. If the spirit leaves the caster, the spell’s effects end.

Hit Locations
Hit Location Armor HP Max
19-20 Head 2 5 /5
16-18 L Arm 2 4 /4
13-15 R Arm 2 4 /4
12 Chest 2 6 /6
9-11 Abdomen 2 5 /5
5-8 L Leg 2 5 /5
1-4 R Leg 2 5 /5