Name Description Members Link
Fianna Gal 5 Link
Queen's Spears A young hero band just starting its journey. 4 Link
test 4 Link
Heroes of the old world 2 Link
Wulfsland Lunars Leaders of Wulfsland 6 Link
Lunar Patrol A patrol group of the Border Peltasts led by a captain on the fringes of Wulfsland. 4 Link
Hargasts Friends Buddies for life 6 Link
Purple Glow of Knowledge's Dragonewt Band Led by Purple Glow of Knowledge, this band of dragonewts has come from Dragon's Eye via Highwyrm on dragonewt roads and then south to Dragon's R... 10 Link
Shadow Cabal Conspirators working to undermine the future of the Norinel Family 9 Link
Garick Ulstorson Garick & associated beings. 2 Link
Orlanthi Adventuring Band A group of Orlanthi adventurers exploring while Sartar is consumed by war. In my game, they're exploring Dragon's Rift and the ruins of New Luna... 5 Link
Heortling Scouting Party A band of Heortlings preparing for battle. Includes trained warriors and clansmen and women. 5 Link
Valind Heroquest Vinga protects the Stead. 2 Link
Lunar Soldier Capable warriors, Hoplites and Lunar Infantry 6 Link
Vinga protects the stead Heroquest 4 Link
Test Thanks 6 Link
Barking Deer Clan Members of the Trilus tribe 0 Link
Barking Deer Clan Members of the Trilus tribe 1 Link
Tarsh thugs A bunch of Tarshite Heavy Infrantry jerks 6 Link
Full Moon Corps Some Lunar tough guys 4 Link
Sworn Knives They serve as Ivar Quickstep's bodyguard instead of the Housecarls Korolfin Longeye regards their employment as a slight. They are led by Hast... 6 Link
Lunar Cavalry Lunar light skirmishers 8 Link
Lunar Garrison Garrison of Dangerford 8 Link
Lunar Tarsh Bandits 7 Link
Trolls A group of trolls looting a battlefield. 4 Link
Lunar Soldiers 6 Link
Elf war party A band of elves protecting their forest home. 6 Link
Ivartha's Entourage The allies and enemies close to the queen of the Cinsina. 7 Link
Telmori Warband Telmori of Wulfsland 9 Link
Leikorl's Hunters Leikorl the Shadow and his followers 3 Link
. 4 Link
Cure All 7 Link
toto 4 Link
Drake Mash 8 Link
Pavis Band 6 Link
The ship lads 2 Link
The Cult of Ersis 4 Link
The Cult of Ersis 4 Link
Dick Hardwood 4 Link
Heortland Heroes 4 Link
Dudes 8 Link
The Soldiers 8 Link
The Guys from Trilus 4 Link
Doblain Dogeaters 2 5 Link
Doblain Dogeaters 5 Link
Evil geniuses 4 Link
Go 4 Link
Troll Boys Ya know 3 Link
Harabrn Clan Adventurers 3 Link
Fs antagonist 3 Link
Lunar Soldiers 8 Link
Lunar Soldiers 8 Link
Soldiers 8 Link
Sartarite Healers 4 Link
prova 4 Link
Lunar Tarsh patrol 3 Link
Bobs 8 Link
Local Lads A group of young Sartarites from humble backgrounds, hoping to make a name for themselves while also fulfilling their dull family obligations. 0 Link
Local Lads Young Sartarite non-warriors looking to make a name for themselves. 0 Link
test 5 Link
Lunar Philosofer 4 Link
Yelmalian Light son 8 Link
Karlbad's Killers A selection of fearsome warriors and scurrilous villains, all united by a common goal: to kill Karlbad. 0 Link