Name Description Factions Link
1 Link
Battle on the Banks A fight in Wandle's bog 2 Link
Telmori at Night PCs encounter a Telmori War-Band... 1 Link
Orlanthi Adventurers Gerdi Strongarm and her companions are exploring an area at the same time as the adventurers. This causes conflict and tension, especially if there's not enough ruins/caverns/etc. to go around. If the adventurers are also mostly Orlanthi, Gerdi & Co are reluctant to initiate hostilities. They'd rather settle grievances with nonviolent competition--though if they get driven away by, there's a good chance they'll set a retaliatory ambush later. 1 Link
Stonegate Significant & common people of Stonegate. 1 Link
Lunar 2 Link
PGoK's Dragonewts This dragonewt band, led by Purple Glow of Knowledge, can be encountered anywhere in southern Sartar from about Earth 1625 to Fire 1628. In particular, they linger near Dragon's Rift and the remains of New Lunar Temple. So long as adventurers do not interfere with their construction, they are not hostile. PGoK may even send Chained By Words to barter or seek information. Any action which hinders their work provokes immediate violence. By mid-Fire 1628 they will have completed erecting, carving, and enchanting a dragonewt plinth in honor of the Brown Dragon, the True Dragon made infamous by the Dragonrise. Duty to the ancestors paid, PGoK & Co then return to Dragon's Eye to report completion to the Inhuman King. Tactics: PGoK will use Heroic Leap to immediately assault someone who tries to stop the work. Chained By Words and the other crested dragonewts hang back and harry with slingstones. Three Fangs tries to goad the triceratops into battle, while the other warriors charge on their demi-birds. The members of the band are intelligent, and typically avoid getting bogged down in melee brawls. They'd rather do running, harassing attacks from bird-back so they don't have to risk death and making the journey south again before continuing work. 1 Link
2 Link
Trolls 1 Link
1 Link
n 4 Link
Valind bandits 2 Link
test acc 1 Link
1 Link
Lunarian Scoundrels A pack of Lunariain ruffians, come to extort, or rob, their defeated foes. 0 Link
h 1 Link
Fs encounter 2 Link
1 Link
1 Link
0 Link
1 Link