Illusion Disorder Water



Author: Дмитрий Кычиков


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Strength 12 60%
Constitution 15 75%
Size 14 70%
Dexterity 17 85%
Intelligence 13 65%
Power 9 45%
Charisma 11 55%
Rune Points (Eurmal) 3
Damage Bonus +1D4
DEX Strike Rank 1
Hit Points 16
Healing Rate 3
Magic Points 9
Spirit Damage 1D6
SIZ Strike Rank 2
Medium Shield (0) 54%
Кинжал Маларка (0) 102%
Ручной топор (0) 81%
Air Air 40%
Darkness Darkness 30%
Water Water 70%
Disorder Disorder 76%
Illusion Illusion 85%
Man Man 67%
Movement Movement 66%
Rune Spells
Illusory Motion 1
Illusory Odor 1
Illusory Sight 1
Ground 8
Passions & Reputation
Devotion (Еурмал) 70%
Hate (Брат) 80%
Love (Брат) 80%
Loyalty (Отец) 60%
Reputation 5%
Spirit Magic
Silence 0

Gameplay [Main]
Melee Attacks
Attack Skill Damage SR HP
Medium Shield 54% 1d4+1D4 6
Ручной топор 81% 1d8+2+1D4 6
Ranged Attacks
Attack Skill Damage SR Range Special
Кинжал Маларка 102% 1d4+2 1 20m Возвращается в руку носителю.

  • Illusory Odor: This spell reproduces a single scent from the caster’s memory. Though odor perception is different between different species, this spell can fool creatures other than the caster’s own species. Four points or more of this spell forces anyone encountering the odor to make a CON×2 roll against the odor. Failure indicates the adventurer is overcome by nausea until the CON roll succeeds during a later melee round.
  • Illusory Sight: This spell creates a visual illusion which registers upon lightsensitive organs. Each point of the spell covers a volume of SIZ 3. One casting of the spell can completely cover an area the size of a small child. If 1 point were used to create the illusion that an adult was covered in armor plate, only a portion of the adult would appear to be covered by armor.
  • Ilusary Mothion: Within range, this active spell animates illusions and moves them as desired by the caster. Each additional point of the spell allows the illusion to be moved at an increasing rate of three meters per melee round (equal to a movement rate of 1). The caster has a chance of manipulating the illusion equal to their DEX×3.
  • Silence: A spell to suppress noise created by the movements of an adventurer, monster, or object. Thus, it suppresses the clank of plate armor while its wearer tries to hide in shadows. However, it does not stop deliberately created or inadvertently loud noises: such as someone casting a spell, issuing commands, clumsily stepping on a large twig causing a loud snap, knocking over a vase and having it shatter, or similar loud or sharp sounds caused by fumbled Move Quietly rolls.

Hit Locations
Hit Location Armor HP Max
19-20 Head 3 6 /6
16-18 L Arm 3 5 /5
13-15 R Arm 3 5 /5
12 Chest 3 7 /7
9-11 Abdomen 3 6 /6
5-8 L Leg 3 6 /6
1-4 R Leg 3 6 /6