Aldrya, Goddess of the Woods Plant Earth

Official Cult


Author: Zurii_7w7

Aldrya is goddess of the primal forest and of the Aldryami. If Aldrya were not worshiped, forests and woodlands would wither and die. She is the ancestral goddess of all Aldryami, and nearly all elves participate in her cult. The cult of Aldrya is divided into several subcults. A member can only belong to one subcult at a time and joining a new subcult means abandoning the previous subcult.

Creation Notes

The other cult of Aldrya is incomplete.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Accelerate Growth Earth Fertility 1
Binding Enchantment Magic 1
Divination Magic 1
Heal Body Earth Fertility Harmony 3
Magic Point Enchantment Magic 1
Reflection Illusion Moon 1
Shield Magic 1
Arrow Trance Plant 1
Chameleon Plant 2
Silence Sphere Plant 1

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Befuddle 2
Countermagic var
Dispel Magic var
Extinguish var
Heal var
Light 1
Mobility 1
Multimissile var
Repair var
Second Sight 3
Shimmer var
Silence 1
Speedart 1
Spell Matrix Enchantment 1
Spirit Screen var
Summon var
Vigor 2


Skill Bonus
Worship (Aldrya, Goddess Of The Woods) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Aldrya, Goddess Of The Woods) +15%
Elf Bow +15%
Plant Lore +20%
Sing +10%
Worship +20%

Associated Cults: