Bear War Society Air Beast Death


Author: Zurii_7w7

The Bear War Society may date to when the armies of the Silver Empire or the Middle Sea Empire came into contact with the Rathori Hsunchen in Fronela. The home cities of the regiments of this War Society are scattered across Seshnela. Their Martial Beast is Bear Man (Rathor) who bestows strength and tenacity, and most wear shaggy bear skins over their armor despite the warm climate of Seshnela save on the hottest days. Mighty warriors fight as ‘bearskin-clad ones’, clad only in the pelt of a bear, with the bear head worn over their head and helmet. Many are tall and have a heavy build, with brownish skin, brown to black hair and sporting bushy mustaches. The nearest significant population of bears live under the forbidding boughs of the Tarinwood, and hunters may seek them there. Fighting as heavy infantry, they are equipped with scale armor and greaves, and carry sword, shield, and spiked mace. Unlike other War Societies their tunics are red with a black or very dark brown trim. Different regiments may revere a different species of bear. A very few regimental heroes have gained bear companions who fight beside them. “Men of the West WARFARE IN GLORANTHA” By Martin Helsdon with invaluable assistance from Jeff Richard

Creation Notes

My particular concept of one of the Seshnegi Cult of Martial Beasts.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Bear's Skin Beast 3
Bear's Strength Beast 2
Command Cult Spirit Magic 2
Dismiss Magic Magic 1
Divination Magic 1
Extension Magic 1
Find Enemy Magic 1
Heal Wound Magic 1
MultiSpell Magic 1
Sanctify Magic 2
Soul Sight Magic 1
Summon Cult Spirit Magic 1
Warding Magic 1

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Demoralize 2
Detect Enemies 1
Dispel Magic var
Fanaticism 1
Heal var
Protection var
Vigor 2


Skill Bonus
Worship (Bear War Society) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Bear War Society) +15%
1H Mace +20%
Medium Shield +15%
Broadsword +15%
Survival +10%