Crimson Bat Death Chaos Moon

Official Cult


Author: Francesco Onnis

Mythos and History Before Time The Crimson Bat once was a natural animal, but was horribly mutated by the flood of chaos which infected the world after the War of the Gods. It grew to a tremendous size, and glowed with chaotic forces. The glow was the Glowspot, and it was a source of chaotic power. To feed these energies, the Bat consumed enormous amounts of food and for survival required the Power from intelligent beings. Since Time During the First Age, the Crimson Bat roamed the world without restraint. It descended upon towns and cities without warning, devouring the people. The early hero Arkat met the beast in battle, withstood it, and managed to banish it from the mundane plane. It did not reappear in the Second Age. In the Third Age, the Red Goddess was born in Peloria. She brought new and radical ideas and beliefs about the powers of the world to her people, and they joined in her worship. Filled with her inspiration, they conquered and converted the lands around them to the words of the goddess. The goddess left the world for a time to forge her place within the pantheons of the elder gods. While she was on this Heroquest, powerful enemy lords took the opportunity to strike. So strong was their hate of the Red Goddess that they reached and besieged her capital before she returned. She returned riding the great monstrosity of the Crimson Bat. Enemy forces knew great terror, and died in regiments as the Bat made war. Many survivors went mad. Lunar historians refer to this battle as the First Battle of Chaos, and use that day, Freezeday, as the feeding day for the Bat. Life after Death The cult promises nothing about life after death, except that loyal and lucky cultists will be spared the eternal agony of being eaten by the Bat. Runic Associations The Crimson Bat is identified with the Runes of Chaos and Death. Since its binding by the Red Goddess, it has been allied with the Lunar Rune.

Creation Notes

The cult give 3 special divine spells: Cult Special Rune Spells The cult will teach the following cult special Rune spells for the price the teacher wishes to charge. Bat Wings 1 point 15 minutes, touch, reusable, non-stackable, This spell works only on Initiates and Rune Masters of the cult of the Crimson Bat. It causes a pair of large bat wings to grow out of the back of its subject. These crimson wings enable their possessor to fly at a movement rate of 12 for the duration of the spell. The wings are, for all purposes, part of their possessor’s body. They have 3 point armor skin, and they take the same number of hit points as their possessor’s arms. Use the Wind Children hit location table. Although physical damage does disable the wings, any damage they sustain does not come off the character’s total hit points. Fangs 1 point 15 minutes, touch, reusable, non-stackable This spell works only on Initiates and Rune Masters of the Crimson Bat. It causes the growth of huge red fangs from the mouth of its subject. Attacking with these fangs, the user has a base chance of 50% (p1 us any attack bonus) to hit, and does base damage of 2D6 (plus any damage bonus). Furthermore, the fangs secrete an acid of potency equalling their user’s CON, but to which the user is immune while the spell lasts. Power Drain 2 point 15 minutes, touch, reusable, non-stackable With this spell the caster has the same ability to drain Power as does a vampire. His touch will reach through an opponent’s armor, attacking him POW vs. POW in the same fashion as a ghost. Unlike a vampire, the priest can not keep the Power; it flows through him directly to the Crimson Bat. Glow Spot 3 point 15 minutes, 20m, reusable, non-stackable, This spell causes the subject to act as a Glowspot with a radius of 20 meters. Inside that area all Lunar magic functions as it does on the day of the full moon. For this effect to work on targeted spells, both the caster and target must be within the

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Absorption Earth Darkness 1
Chaos Gift Moon Chaos 2
Discorporation Magic 1
Dismiss Earth Elemental Earth 1
Dismiss Fire Elemental Fire/Sky 1
Dismiss Air Elemental Air 1
Dismiss Darkness Elemental Darkness 1
Dismiss Water Elemental Water 1
Dismiss Moon Elemental Moon 1
Dismiss Magic Magic 1
Divination Magic 1
Enchant Metal 1
Extension Magic 1
Heal Wound Magic 1
Mindblast Moon 2
MultiSpell Magic 1
Shield Magic 1
Warding Magic 1

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Befuddle 2
Detect Life 1
Disruption 1
Shimmer var
Disruption 1
Visibility 2


Skill Bonus
Worship (Crimson Bat) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Crimson Bat) +15%

Skill Choices

Choose between

2H Axe +10% --- OR ---- Worship (Crimson Bat) +10%

Choose between

Kopis +10% --- OR ---- Arbalest +15%

Weapons & Combat

Melee Weapon +15%

Shield +10%

Cultural Weapon +10%

Associated Cults: