Flintnail Stasis Earth Harmony

Official Cult


Author: coh@allanhenderson.com

Before Time, Flintnail was simply one of the Mostali, partaking in Mostali activities with all the other Mostali, and barely managing to survive the destruction of most of the others. There are no stories of Flintnail’s Godtime doings outside of the temple sanctuary. After Time began, Flintnail proved to be a rogue who refused to follow the rockbound Mostal way. The new cyclic nature of Time fit his ideas of the universe and, while still respectful to his father Mostal, he took every opportunity to explore the surface world and the ways of the men who inhabited it. He put his Mostali knowledge to work as a craftsman and won great respect as a metal worker from the humans of the First and Second Councils. It is said that Flintnail taught many tribes of men how to work metal, and he never denied this. In the Second Age, during the time of the Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends, Flintnail became prominent. With many of his kinfolk he journeyed from Shadows Dance to Pavis’ current location, following the Faceless Statue as it marched to Pavis’ command against the animal nomads of Prax. The statue died after defeating the giants in their city of Paragua; the dwarfs honoured him by converting his substance into walls and structures of the city of Old Pavis. Flintnail himself soon left Old Pavis. Before he did so, he married one of Pavis’ daughters and together they made a son, who grew up to become the first high priest of the cult of Flintnail in Pavis. Flintnail was never again seen in Pavis, but he is still supposed to live at least partially on the physical plane, and he may be the famous Dwarf of Dwarf Run in Dragon Pass. Flintnail cultists believe their spirits enter the project on which they are working at the time of death and refer, for instance, to a particular house not in the name of its current resident or owner, but in the name(s) of the worker(s) who died working on it. When a building is destroyed, the Flintnail spirit goes to join his master and is eventually returned into the body of another descendant of Flintnail, to attempt to build another, more glorious structure. The station of the spirit’s rebirth will vary; more exalted stations are reserved for those who gained great glory, recognition, and durability in the persona of their previous edifice.

Creation Notes

Work in Progress Taken from Pavis & Big Rubble Page 81.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Command Cult Spirit Magic 2
Dismiss Magic Magic 1
Divination Magic 1
Extension Magic 1
Find Enemy Magic 1
Heal Wound Magic 1
MultiSpell Magic 1
Sanctify Magic 2
Soul Sight Magic 1
Spirit Block Magic 1
Summon Cult Spirit Magic 1
Warding Magic 1

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Glue var
Repair var


Skill Bonus
Worship (Flintnail) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Flintnail) +15%
Masonary (Stone) +10%
Armour Making (Metal) +10%
Weapon Making (Metal) +10%
Crossbows +10%

Skill Choices

Choose between

1H Axe +10% --- OR ---- 2H Axe +10%

Choose between

1H Hammer +10% --- OR ---- 2H Hammer +10%

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