Gustbran the Redsmith Fire/Sky Air Man

Official Cult


Author: mmelville

Gustbran is the God of Smith’s and every smithy is a shrine to him. Every chieftain supports at least one Smith and apprentice to make or repair metal objects. The cult supplies weapons, armour and ploughs as well as bronze trinkets. Making things is an act of worship. Gustbran is depicted as a burly red man before the forge with a bellows or bronze in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Binding Enchantment Magic 1
Crack Disorder 2
Dismiss Fire Elemental (Medium) Fire/Sky 1
Enchant Metal 1
Find Substance 1
Knowledge Truth 2
Magic Point Enchantment Magic 1
Matrix Creation Magic 1
Spirit Armor Enchantment Magic 1
Summon Fire Elemental (Medium) Fire/Sky var

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Binding Enchantment 1
Coordination var
Extinguish var
Ignite 1
Light 1
Magic Point Enchantment 1
Repair var
Spell Matrix Enchantment 1
Spirit Binding 1
Strength 2


Skill Bonus
Bargain +5%
Craft (Redsmithing) +20%
Craft (Leather Working) +10%
Devise +10%
Evaluate +15%
Cult Lore (Gustbran The Redsmith) +15%
Meditate +5%
Worship (Gustbran The Redsmith) +20%

Skill Choices

Choose between

1H Hammer +5% --- OR ---- 1H Axe +5%

Weapons & Combat

Cultural Weapon +15%

Shield +15%

Cultural Weapon +10%

Associated Cults: