Issaries Movement Harmony

Official Cult


Author: christopherallison

Orlanthi pantheon — god of trade and communication, one of the Lightbringers Issaries is Lord of Trade, Guardian of Roads, Messenger of the Gods, and the psychopomp of the Orlanthi. Initiates of his cult are merchants and heralds, protected by their god’s reputation and power. The cult language, Trade Talk, was spread by the God Learners and is spoken as a second language in much of Glorantha. Issaries is often worshiped apart from the rest of the Orlanthi pantheon. Issaries is rendered as a youth dressed in the local clothing style, holding one hand forward with the other behind his back. Other appurtenances are usually also added to his images as signs of his dominion.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Create Market Harmony 3
Lock Harmony Movement 1
Passage Movement 1
Path Watch Movement 2
Spell Trading Harmony 2

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Countermagic var
Detect Enemies 1
Farsee var
Glamour 2
Glue var
Mobility 1
Repair var


Skill Bonus
Worship (Issaries) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Issaries) +15%
Read/Write (any) +20%
Lore (any) +15%
Sing +10%


Passion Bonus
Loyalty (Temple) +10%

Associated Cults: