Storm Bull Air Death Beast

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Author: ChrisAdmin

Orlanthi and Praxian pantheons — berserker god, chaos-killer Storm Bull is a god of untamed animal power and passion — too unruly to be welcome in many pantheons. His wild and intense fury could best even chaos, and so this berserk deity led the war of the Greater Darkness. He fought the Devil to a standstill and trapped him under a mountain of adamant. Thus he is grudgingly tolerated in many barbaric regions. He is shown as a burly warrior with a bull (or other herd beast’s) head, or as a gigantic version of the favored hoofed animal.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Berserker Death Beast 2
Dismiss Air Elemental Air 1
Face Chaos Air Beast 1
Impede Chaos Air Death Beast 1
Summon Air Elemental Air var

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Demoralize 2
Detect Enemies 1
Dispel Magic var
Fanaticism 1
Heal var
Protection var


Skill Bonus
Worship (Storm Bull) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Storm Bull) +15%
Sense Chaos +20%
Intimidate +10%

Weapons & Combat

Cultural Weapon +15%


Passion Bonus
Devotion (Storm Bull) +10%
Hate (Chaos) +10%

Associated Cults: