Telmor Beast Chaos Movement

Official Cult


Author: christopherallison

Telmor is the Father of Wolves, and all wolves instinctively worship him. His people are the Wolfbrothers, a tribe of nomadic hunters. Each Wolfbrother has a companion wolf (see page 162 for dire wolves), and wolves and men fight together as brothers.

Creation Notes

Requirements: Everyone born of Telmori parents is automatically an initiate. Those not born into the tribe must be adopted before they can join the cult.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Transform Self Beast 2
Transform Self Beast 2
Wolf's Head Beast 1
Wolfhide Beast 3
Wolfrunning Beast 2

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Befuddle 2
Binding Enchantment 1
Bladesharp var
Bludgeon var
Control var
Coordination var
Countermagic var
Darkwall 2
Demoralize 2
Detect Enemies 1
Detect Life 1
Detect Magic 1
Detect Spirit 1
Detect (Substance) 1
Detect Trap 1
Detect Undead 1
Dispel Magic var
Disruption 1
Distraction 1
Dullblade var
Extinguish var
Fanaticism 1
Farsee var
Firearrow 2
Fireblade 4
Glamour 2
Glue var
Heal var
Ignite 1
Ironhand var
Lantern 1
Light 1
Lightwall 2
Magic Point Enchantment 1
Mobility 1
Multimissile var
Parry var
Protection var
Repair var
Rivereyes 1
Second Sight 3
Shimmer var
Silence 1
Sleep 3
Slow 1
Disruption 1
Speedart 1
Spell Matrix Enchantment 1
Spirit Binding 1
Spirit Screen var
Strength 2
Summon var
Vigor 2
Visibility 2


Skill Bonus
Worship (Telmor ) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (Telmor ) +15%
Sing +10%
Spirit Combat +20%
Track +15%


Passion Bonus
Love (Family) +10%
Loyalty (Pack Leader) +10%