Uleria Water Movement Harmony

| Sub-Cult of Ernalda


Author: William Rodwell

Uleria is a goddess of love, pleasure, and fertility in the Glorantha setting. She is often depicted as a beautiful and seductive woman, with long hair and wearing revealing clothing. Uleria is associated with the sea and water, and some of her followers believe she is a mermaid or other sea creature. Uleria’s worship centers on acts of pleasure, sensuality, and romance, and her followers often engage in activities such as music, dance, and lovemaking as part of their devotion. She is also associated with beauty, particularly the beauty of the human form, and her followers often strive to enhance their own physical attractiveness. Spells associated with Uleria often involve charm, seduction, fertility, healing, and divination. Her symbol is a seashell or a heart-shaped stone, and her holy day is often celebrated on the summer solstice. Uleria’s worship is found throughout the world of Glorantha, particularly in coastal regions and among seafaring cultures. Her followers include bards, musicians, artists, and anyone who values pleasure, beauty, and love. However, her worship is not without controversy, as some cultures view her teachings and practices as immoral or decadent. It’s worth noting that Uleria’s portrayal in Glorantha is not necessarily meant to be a one-dimensional representation of love or pleasure. Rather, her followers and her teachings encompass a wide range of experiences and emotions, including the joys and pitfalls of romantic love, the pleasures of physical desire, and the complexities of relationships and human connection.

Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Arouse Passion Earth 1
Breath Air/Water Water Air 1
Charisma Fertility Illusion Beast 1
Divination Magic 1
Heal Body Earth Fertility Harmony 3
Inviolable Earth Fertility Harmony 1
Morale Death Truth 2
Reproduce Fertility 2
Summon Water Elemental Water var

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts
Befuddle 2
Glamour 2


Skill Bonus
Sing +15%
Dance +15%
Charm +10%
Play Instrument +10%
Art (Erotic) +10%
Orate +10%
Conception +10%
Seduction +10%

Skill Choices

Choose between

Charm +0% --- OR ---- Play Instrument +0%

Choose between

Sing +0% --- OR ---- Dance +0%

Choose between

Cult Lore (Uleria) +0% --- OR ---- Worship (Uleria) +0%


Passion Bonus
Love +10%
Love (Pleasure) +10%
Love (Fertility) +10%

Associated Cults: