Centaur Beast

Official Homeland

Author: BlackPrince 1330

Rune: Beast

Centaurs are the dominant race of Beast Men, residing primarily in Beast Valley. In times of crisis, the Beast Men band together under the leadership of the centaurs and their king, Ironhoof. Centaur society is structured similarly to horses, with herds led by a dominant stallion who jealously guards his mares. Centaurs are respected by other nature folk, and they get along generally well with elves and trolls despite these races’ mutual hostility. They dislike the unnatural dwarves. They hate and despise Chaos in all its forms. They are wary of humans, whom Ironhoof considers “too new” to be natural, though in days past they had great friendship with the Grazelanders. Like all the Beast Men, the centaurs value the natural world and its mysteries over physical goods. They eschew clothing, art, and material wealth, only using simple tools and weapons.


Statistic Dice Max
STR 3d6+6 28
CON 3d6 21
SIZ 4d6+12 41
DEX 3d6+3 25
INT 2d6+6 21
POW 3d6 21
CHA 3d6 21

Hit Locations: Centaurs

Movement Value
Ground 12


Skill Base Bonus
Animal Lore 15 +0%
Broadsword 25 +0%
Lore (Centaur) 25 +0%
Climb 40 +0%
Composite Bow 30 +0%
First Aid 25 +0%
Hide 10 +0%
Lance 25 +0%
Medium Shield 25 +0%
Move Quietly 10 +0%
Plant Lore 15 +0%
Play Instrument 40 +0%
Ride 5 +0%
Sing 25 +0%
Spirit Combat 40 +0%
Swim 25 +0%
Speak (Beastspeech) 50 +0%
Customs (Beast Men) 25 +0%
Hoof 25 +0%