Superior Trollkin Darkness


Author: christopherallison

Rune: Darkness

Styganthropus uzko var. enlo The product of the Curse of Kin, these are puny degenerate creatures, mockeries of the mighty troll frame. Many trollkin are born dead or die shortly afterwards (especially those born to other trollkin). The wretches that survive never finish their natal development and are stunted and unfinished for their whole lives. Post-birth growth is often erratic and bizarre; resulting in a wide variety of misshapen mutants, twisted bodies, and often deformed bones or faces. They have overdeveloped eyes that make them very sensitive to light. If they could stand erect, they would be no more than 150 centimeters tall, weighing maybe 60 kilograms. In their usual cowering squat, they rarely exceed 1 meter in height.
Superior Trollkin are smarter and more magically capable than their unfortunate kin.

Creation Notes

A superior trollkin has an INT and 2D6+6 and POW of 3D6.


Statistic Dice Max
STR 2d6+3 18
CON 3d6 21
SIZ 1d6+6 14
DEX 3d6+3 25
INT 2d6+6 21
POW 3d6 21
CHA 2d6 14

Hit Locations: Humanoids

Movement Value
Ground 6


Passion Bonus
Loyalty (Master) +10%


Skill Base Bonus
1H Mace 25 +0%
Hide 20 +0%
Intimidate 15 +0%
Small Shield 25 +0%
Listen 35 +0%
2H Hammer 20 +0%
Move Quietly 20 +0%
Ride 5 +0%
Sling 20 +0%
Spirit Combat 30 +0%
Swim 15 +0%
Elder Race Lore (Troll) 25 +0%
Scan 25 +0%
Search 25 +0%
Speak (Darktongue) 50 +0%
Darksense Scan 25 +0%
Darksense Search 25 +0%