The Contested Lands Fire/Sky


Author: Merrick Trout Owen

Rune: Fire/Sky

Unofficially established in the second century of human civilization in the Tiers, the Contested Lands are a patch of mountains and forests that changed hands so many times as to become politically undesirable to all of its neighbors. During a particularly long stretch of peace, the Sages of the School of Ink and Quill built the Vellum Citadel, and this has been the only permanent settlement in the Contested Lands to date.


Statistic Dice Max
STR 3d6 21
CON 3d6 21
SIZ 2d6+6 21
DEX 3d6 21
INT 2d6+6 21
POW 3d6 21
CHA 3d6 21

Hit Locations: Humanoids

Movement Value
Ground 8


Skill Base Bonus