Yellow Elf Plant

Official Homeland

Author: christopherallison

Rune: Plant

Dendro sapiens embylum
The yellow elves, or embyli, are kinfolk of broadleaf trees of all type, but especially the broad-leafed evergreens, including palm trees. Yellow elves are all male—they mate with dryads for continuance. Bands of male yellow elves are organized by the dryads into forest-wide queendoms or tribes. Yellow elves are distinctively different from other elf types. They are physically smaller, have dark olive-brown, almost khaki-colored “skin”, and lack all body and head hair, except for occasional patches of moss. A yellow elf typically weighs about 35 kilograms and stands a little over 120 centimeters tall.

Creation Notes

Special Notes: Like the trolls, their eternal enemies, yellow elves are vulnerable to the “new metal” iron and cannot handle it. Any damage from an iron weapon penetrating their armor will do twice the normal damage.


Statistic Dice Max
STR 2d6+2 17
CON 3d6 21
SIZ 2d6 14
DEX 3d6+3 25
INT 3d6+6 28
POW 3d6 21
CHA 3d6 21

Hit Locations: Humanoids

Movement Value
Ground 8


Passion Bonus
Hate (Mostali) +10%
Hate (Uz) +10%
Loyalty (Forest) +10%


Skill Base Bonus
Climb 70 +0%
Conceal 20 +0%
Elf Bow 30 +0%
Lore (Elf) 25 +0%
First Aid 25 +0%
Hide 25 +0%
Listen 45 +0%
Move Quietly 25 +0%
Plant Lore 50 +0%
1H Spear 20 +0%
Sing 25 +0%
Small Shield 25 +0%
Spirit Combat 50 +0%
Swim 15 +0%
Track 25 +0%
Worship (Elf Deity) 30 +0%
Elfsense 35 +0%