Assistant Shaman

Official Occupation

Author: christopherallison

The assistant shaman helps the shaman to perform ritual duties, and in return is instructed in the deeper knowledge of shamanism. This is a significant role within the tribe, with considerable abilities and responsibilities, and should not be chosen lightly.

Creation Notes

An assistant shaman begins with the Second Sight spirit magic spell and another 2 points of spirit magic spells (in addition to any spirit magic learned from their cult, see pages 73). An assistant shaman does +1 spirit combat damage. See the Shamans and Spirits & the Spirit World chapters for additional information about assistant shamans.

Skill Bonus
Speak (Spiritspeech) +20%
Sing +10%
Spirit Combat +30%
Lore (Animal) +15%
Spirit Dance +10%
First Aid +15%
Spirit Lore +20%
Lore (Plant) +20%
Spirit Travel +20%
Meditate +20%

Passion Bonus
Loyalty (Shaman) +10%

Standard of Living Poor
Income 20 L
Ransom 250 L

Local herbs & powders
Several small statuettes
Crafted goods worth 25 L
5 L in coin
Loincloth and robe
Appropriate cultural weapons
Average Armor: 0pts