Fonrit: Slave Soldier


Author: Zurii_7w7

“Slave-Soldiers could come from almost any people, but the Agimori were prized and sought after because of what contemporaries saw as their inherent military quality. The Agimori, were a nomadic people where violence was part of daily life. Nomads often raided the herds of livestock of other tribes and imprisoned those they defeated in battle to be sold as slaves. Agimori often sold other Agimori acquired through war or, during times of famine and hardship, families sold their children”. - Hammad ibn Razin

Skill Bonus
Sing (0) +10%
Scan (0) +10%
Battle +30%
First Aid +15%
Listen +10%

Weapons & Combat
Weapon Bonus
Any Weapon +25%
Shield +25%
Any Weapon +25%
Any Weapon +15%

Passion Bonus
Honor +10%
Loyalty (Leader) +10%
Loyalty (Unit) +10%

Standard of Living Free
Income 60 L
Ransom 500 L

Heavy scale hauberk or disk plate cuirass (5pts)
Studded leather skirt (3pts)
Plate greaves & vambraces (6pts)
Closed helmet (5pts)
Appropriate weapons
1D3 distinctive scars
Sleeping roll
Good clothing
20 L in coins
War booty worth 2xD100 L
Average Armor: 0pts