Light Infantry

Official Occupation

Author: christopherallison

Professional warriors are the bodyguards and personal retinues of nobles and priests. Others are mercenaries who hire themselves out to various employers throughout Glorantha. War is their profession, for they do not need to till fields or tend animals. Warriors fight as either infantry or cavalry, which in turn can be divided into Heavy and Light, as determined by weapons and armaments. With each type of warrior, pick (or randomly determine) the weapon combination used.

Skill Bonus
Battle +30%
Hide +10%
First Aid +15%
Move Quietly +10%
Survival +10%
Listen +10%
Scan +10%

Weapons & Combat
Weapon Bonus
Any Weapon +25%
Any Weapon +25%
Shield +25%
Any Weapon +25%

Passion Bonus
Honor +10%
Loyalty (Leader) +10%
Loyalty (Unit) +10%

Standard of Living Free
Income 60 L
Ransom 500 L

Linothorax (3 pts)
Cuirboilli greaves & vambraces (3 pts)
Composite helm (3 pts)
1D3 distinctive scars
Sleeping roll
Good clothing
War booty worth 2xD100 L
Average Armor: 3pts