Military Officer


Author: Anuillan

Those who lead soldiers have a wider range of skills and requirements than mere soldiers. Also unfortunately not every leader of warriors has ever been a warrior themselves. The less structured a society and military unit the more likely it is the officers will be former warriors, in more structured situations the officers could be a former nobles, politicians or bureaucrats.

Creation Notes

Adapted from:

Skill Bonus
Ride +10%
Intimidate +10%
Homeland Lore +10%
Orate +20%
Intrigue +10%
Read/Write (Own Language) +10%
Battle +30%
First Aid +10%
Scan +10%
Fist +10%
Kick +10%
Grapple +10%

Weapons & Combat
Weapon Bonus
Melee Weapon +30%
Ranged Weapon +30%
Shield +30%
Any Weapon +30%

Passion Bonus
Honor +10%
Loyalty (Unit) +10%
Loyalty (Leader) +10%

Standard of Living Free
Income 120 L
Ransom 700 L

Armor: as unit
Weapory: as unit
In fact, pretty much everything as unit, I guess.
Average Armor: 5pts