Official Occupation

Author: christopherallison

A priest is a specialist in using Rune magic for the benefit of the cult members. They are representatives of their deity and their cult forms the focus of their life. Some priests (popularly called Rune Priests) are fully supported by the resources of their temple (which often is treated as their own property). Other priests are “part-time” and their activities only partially supported by the resources of the temple. These priests are popularly called “God-talkers,” and often support themselves, at least in part, through a second occupation.

Creation Notes

An adventurer can become a priest only if they meet the requirements for acceptance. However, adventurers whose parents were priests or are priests in training use the skills and equipment lists given below. Nobles get +10% to any cult skill.

Skill Bonus
Cult Lore (any) +30%
Dance +10%
Read/Write (any) +10%
Orate +10%
Manage Household +10%
Sing +30%
Worship (any) +30%
Meditate +10%

Passion Bonus
Devotion (any) +10%
Loyalty (Temple) +10%

Standard of Living Noble
Income 200 L
Ransom 1000 L

Open helmet (4pts)
Heavy scale hauberk (5pts)
Cuirboilli greaves & vambraces (3pts)
Artifacts & regalia of diety
Noble clothing worth 60 L
Cultural weapons
One riding animal
160 L in coin
450 L in jewelry, vessels and luxury goods
Average Armor: 4pts