Official Occupation

Author: christopherallison

Herders live by tending animals, whether on foot or mounted. Herders may or may not own the animals they tend; most of a community’s horses, cattle, sheep, and Praxian beasts (bison, high llama, impalas, and sable antelope) are marked and gathered into a single herd that is managed full- time by a herder. For Praxian nomads, herders guard the wealth and sus- tenance of the clan, herding the tribe’s beasts, as well as any Literacy in Glorantha is largely confined to a small elite of nobles, priests, and scribes. Scribes serve as the equivalent of common civil professions—lawyer, teacher, bureaucrat, accountant, engineer, scholar, and so on—and are typically in the service of a Knowledge Temple or as part of the household of a ruler.

Skill Bonus
Speak (any) +10%
Lore (any) +10%
Bureacracy +30%
Lore (any) +10%
Customs (any) +30%
Read/Write (any) +30%
Library Use +10%
Read/Write (any) +50%
Evaluate +10%

Passion Bonus
Loyalty (Temple) +10%
Loyalty (Tribe) +10%

Standard of Living Free
Income 160 L
Ransom 1000 L

Writing implements & materials
Three bundles of reports and notes worth 100 L
Blank parchments worth 50 L
Tin disk carved with calendar
Old letter of introduction from senior scribe
Bronze dagger
80 L in coin
Average Armor: 0pts