Author: Drakans

Throughout history and across cultures, shaman talents have manifested as shamans being spiritual leaders who have helped their communities through healing, guidance, battle, and peace. There are many different cultures where shamans have had significant influence.

Creation Notes

An shaman begins with the Second Sight spirit magic spell and can cast it for free and another 3 points of spirit magic spells (in addition to any spirit magic learned from their cult, see pages 73). An shaman does +2 spirit combat damage. An Shaman also can access special cult spirit magic in the Red Book of Magic Pg.107.

Skill Bonus
Speak (Spiritspeech) +25%
Sing +15%
Spirit Combat +35%
Lore (Animal) +20%
First Aid +20%
Spirit Lore +25%
Lore (Plant) +20%
Spirit Travel +25%
Meditate +25%
Intrigue +10%
Alchemy +15%
Prepare Corpse +15%
Dance +15%

Passion Bonus
Loyalty (Shaman) +10%

Standard of Living Free
Income 100 L
Ransom 750 L

Local herbs & powders
Several small statuettes
Crafted goods worth 25 L
5 L in coin
Loincloth and robe
Appropriate cultural weapons
Average Armor: 0pts