White Bull Beast Harmony


Author: Crel

Personal Cult worshiping Argrath White Bull. Cannot start play with this cult. The members of Argrath’s inner circle sacrifice to him, and receive some power in return. The White Bull is the spirit of Praxian Unity. Members of this cult have a taboo against harming one another. The spirit and cult exist to unify the Praxians against the Red Moon.

Creation Notes


Rune Spells

Spell Pts
Cure Chaos Wound Fertility Harmony 1
Discorporation Magic 1
Harmony Harmony 1

Spirit Magic

Spell Pts


Skill Bonus
Worship (White Bull) +20%
Meditate +5%
Cult Lore (White Bull) +15%


Passion Bonus
Loyalty (White Bull) +10%

Associated Cults: